Posted by: Stu Bert | April 19, 2009

5 go down to Dorset…

well 2 in fact, I just liked the title….

A couple of weeks ago I managed to visit the Robert White day in Bournemouth. A friend of mine had received an invitation two years previously, but it was a sign of the times that the show had moved to smaller premises and had only 2 talks on a single day. Still, it was interesting listening to Mr Walker &  Mr Bauer discuss various themes around landscapes.

It also meant that we had a little more time to explore the local landscape, and we darted off towards Mupe Bay – just off Lulworth Cove – so we could try out the 1Ds (x2) that I had acquired off eBay (yep, will be selling one soon – honest!). Julian being ultra-efficient, had culled, sorted and edited his pictures before we got home – if you look at the bottom right (Blog Roll) and “The weblog of the expressive-landscape” where hopefully he will have his shots from the weekend (or not – I have just checked!!)

I still prefer to do an initial cull and then leave it a while before the final review. Ok, a while may be a somewhat flexible term in my case… the gap being anywhere from a month (rare) to 18 months (more typical). In fact if it was not for the blog, I would probably still be reviewing 2003 pictures – oops, in fact I still am 🙂

Although the weather was not ideal – too much sun / haze, and a rather limp sunset – I’ve attached a couple of pics from Mupe bay and a couple more from the following morning up at Hengistbury Head / Mudeford Sandpits.

I’m off again on holiday in a weeks time – not sure where, it is too early to decide which part of the UK will hold the best weather. But I am part way through a cull of photos from my Easter sojourn to Cornwall so I should have a post sometime in late May.

So to start with, a picture not from Dorset. I took this on the Sunday Evening, just before heading home into London. I used to live a stone’s throw from this view and have even walked up the path, but never took this shot. It’s a pano – 5 shots, but then cropped to the composition I wanted:

The next shot is the well hidden and therefore often ignored Mupe Bay. We were really lucky to have low tide when we visited – shame about the limp sunset but you can’t have everything!

The beach huts at Mudeford Sands (no connection to Mupe Bay!) are well photographed and I guess reasonably famous as a result. At nearly 1pm, with the sun blazing, it is difficult to find a shot that works and this is the best of a bad set

And with the above in mind, then yes I did some serious tweaking of the light to turn this shot into something acceptable

It’s not quite what I had in mind when I took the shot – but again the light was working against me.

The next shot was more conducive to the time, ie you can get away with it. I was trying to get the feeling of the grass swaying in the breeze…

This last but one shot was the view of Lulworth Cove as we came back over the cliffs from Mupe Bay. It was the best of the weak sunset, but still had pretty washed out colours

And finally, my favourite shot – yep, wellington boots are indeed a wonderful invention – the sea was far too cold for rolled up trousers 🙂

You can do all the planning in the world but you still sometimes need a bit of luck. Case in point with this 3 shot panoramic. The tide was still going out but I was fortunate to have a well-timed wave crash against the rocks and jettison into the air, and capture it with the slightly longer exposure. It was not planned this way of course, and based on taking shots from left to right it really was luck that by shot #3 the wave had hit the rocks. Not that I’m complaining!

As always, slightly larger shots are on the flickr site – just click on the image on the top of the right hand column “Random Photo of Mine”…



  1. Stunning! Thanks!!! I rarely can crawl out from under a pile of pooey diapers and laundry and that was well worth the trip! I feel almost refreshed from the sea spray…

  2. Ali

    For once I actually managed to avoid any of it – perhaps Julian was a calming factor and made me behave sensible… or was it just the good old wellington boots?

    I’m sure you could save up all your diapers and do something so artistic that the Tate would put it only display 😉


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