Posted by: Stu Bert | May 12, 2009

Retrospective… Panoramas from Chile…

I get urges from time to time, and they’re very irrational…No, no, not those sorts of urges… I would hardly announce those here 😉

I’m sorting through some of the stuff from Cornwall and get the urge to finally construct a bunch of panos from my Chile collection taken way back in 2003 not long after I had my first dSLR – the lowly (by today’s standards), 6MP 10D. 75% of the stuff was shot in Jpeg 😦

Chile is an amazing country  – I spent 3 weeks there and in true fashion – but for once not all completely by myself managed to

  • Beach a car in a dried up river bed.. it was full of sand… no the river bed, not the sand. Girlfriend had to go and charm the local farmers to help us out.
  • Nearly tipped a 4WD down a steep valley navigating along a narrow track – well it felt like it at the time.. bl**dy scary, even for my driving.
  • Nearly missed two separate connecting flights due to some <cough> tight schedules on the itinerary, but good excuse to “drive somewhat out of character” 😀
  • Got in trouble with border security between Chile & Bolivia – did not properly leave Chile so they thought we were illegal immigrants. Showed date & timestamp on dSLR to convince them!
  • Thought we were going to get mugged by 3 guys who had feigned a car breakdown. They hadn’t – it was genuine, so we gace them a lift to the village. Ok, they sat in the “boot” of the pickup truck…

But, if you ignore all these minor hiccups, it is a truly glorious place to visit and certainly at the time was a safe / stable place to visit. So here’s a few pano’s, with perhaps a few more in the not to distant future

Shots 1 to 3 are from Lauca National Park (~11,000ft above sea water) near Putre and the border with Peru & Bolivia, 4 is from our stay in San Pedro de Atacama, and 5 is from the “cruise” down the Chilean Fjords, starting in Puerto Montt and ending in Punto Arenas. On Shot 2 you can see the border with Bolivia on the right hand side of the picture.

Oh, and I remembered to link the pictures correctly this time… must go back on the others. So if you click on the “thumbnails” below it will show you a larger version…

Shot #1

Shot #2

Shot #3

Shot #4

Shot #5



  1. Well I have to admit that we would be really disappointed if you not had ran into some kind of “catastrophe” during your trip. But just for curiosity and just between you and me: Do you ever plan to have “normal” holidays? Just relaxing, taking some photos?

    Thanks for the entertainment though!


  2. I think Bernd that this was probably the first of the holidays where there were an unusual number of problemettes, and it has not abated since….

    At the time they certainly were not relaxing, but now I do have to look back and laugh or smile.

    Still, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you retire (relax, that is?)


  3. I recognise that boat at the bottom!!

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