Posted by: Stu Bert | September 7, 2009

Montage from Northumberland…

So wordpress have decided to change the editor.. … 3 edits later and I might get this brief post…

It’s a Montage, created with Lightroom, of 9 shots from Northumberland when I visited there back in Apr / May this year. The downside of such a montage is that you have to crop the pictures to squares – and if you never composed the picture in this way, then such cropping is always going to be a hit n miss affair.

If you want a bigger image, click on the one above. If you would like to see the full pictures, you need to wander over to flickr as I am feeling decidedly lazy :-)… actually it’s because I am editing html directly just to get this post up



  1. Stunning! When is it going to be rigged for on line shopping? I HAVE to have a print of the castle in the sand!!!

  2. LOL… thank you. I will update the Flickr site over the weekend with the crop version and then you can let me know which you prefer… We’ll get Stevie to do the printing 😉

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