Currently living in London, England having had enough of commuting, or more specifically getting up at 6am every day! The “shires” are a nice place to live, 3 hours of travelling a day tends to take the shine off them. I’m the youngest in a family of 6, with 3 elder sisters, which is actually better than it sounds. OK – I know now better so I’m bound to say that..

I trod the education mill through O (16) and A levels (18) and then “fell” into a college course with a couple of friends reading Computer Studies, at the dawn of personal computing. Yep and ideal industry for technophiles like myself. I often wonder what geeks did before computers – ha ha.

From there, I went on to work just over 10 years at what is now Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, before going contracting for 5 years (with a 10 month enforced break in between), and currently trialing a permie job with a Telco Company (for almost 4 years actually). So for those that are struggling with the maths, that puts me in at the turn of my 4th decade on the planet and still trying to figure out where I can make my mark… ;-)

In my spare time as you will see from this blog, my staple diet is Travel, Technology and Photography (see my Travel Blogs, Travel Diaries or Photo areas), and when I’m not reading or researching something about one of those, then I enjoy a fairly typical balance of Comedy, Films, Music, Theatre, Eating & Cooking, Science, Natural History & Environment, Reading etc.

I’m sure I’ll get round to posting something about these in due course…

Thanks for visiting the site, would be interested in seeing your views here.




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